Flex Seal





Flex Seal Products

  • Protect against stubborn contamination
  • Prevent issues due to degradation
  • Permanent, protective coatings
  • Sustainable, preventive maintenance products

"By using your (Flex Seal) products I can extend the life of (my customer’s) ductwork and help them reduce energy cost. It is nice to use a product with such great ease and confidence, and my crews find your product easy to use. This also helps keep the labor and down time on any project to a minimum."

Michael O’Krinsky
Accurate Environmental Services, Inc.

Product Line
Flex Seal
Protects HVAC Insulation from deposit degradation

Protects Walls and Insulation from mold and fungus degradation

Protects HVAC Ductwork from de-lamination and deposit degradation

Problems Addressed
Indoor Air Quality

Insulation Contamination and Fiberglass De-lamination

Mold Growth in HVAC Systems

HVAC Sustainability, Replacement and Labor Costs

Building HVAC Odors


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