First Strike Micro Coat
First Strike

Coil Shield

Micro Coat Products

  • Protect against redundant labor and costs
  • Reduce energy consumption due to buildup and corrosion
  • Provide a protective coating that unobtrusively covers coils
  • Keep HVAC coils clean up to one year or more
  • Sustainable, labor-friendly, preventive maintenance products

"By using your (Micro Coat) products we now have a major competitive edge over the competition. These products allow us to better serve our customer base by extending the life of their systems while reducing energy costs."

Richard Cramer
AAA Air Conditioning, Inc.

Product Line
First Strike Micro Coat
Micro Coat Protects HVAC Evaporator Coils from recurrent deposit buildup


Coil Shield
Protects HVAC Condenser Coils from metal corrosion

Problems Addressed
Excessive HVAC Energy Consumption

HVAC Sustainability, Replacement and Labor Costs

Corrosion and Rusting of HVAC Equipment

Building Temperature Level Discomfort

Building HVAC Odors

Dirty HVAC Coils



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