Algae Guard

Cooler Guard

Timed Release Products

  • Protect against damaging clogs and overflows
  • Continuously guard through timed-release formula
  • Designed for all type units in 45 day to 6 month sizes
  • Labor-friendly, preventive maintenance products



"Our call back rates after maintenance were much higher because of water leaks. The tablets we used were not effective and the results were not long lasting. We researched and chose the (Timed Release) Product Line, (and) our call back rate has virtually been eliminated."

Rickie Sims
Johnson’s Air Conditioning, Inc.

Product Line
Protects HVAC Drip Pans from deposit accumulation

Algae Guard
Protects HVAC Drip Pans from mold and fungus accumulation

Cooler Guard
Protects Evaporative Cooler Pads, Basins and Metal Surfaces from scale accumulation

Problems Addressed
Indoor Air Quality

Mold Growth in HVAC Systems

Evaporative Cooler Pad Scaling

HVAC Leaks, Clogs, and Overflows

Excessive HVAC Energy Consumption

HVAC Sustainability, Replacement and Labor Costs

Water Damage from HVAC systems

Building Temperature Level Discomfort

Building HVAC Odors




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