Time-Release± Descaler for Evaporative Coolers

Dissolves old scale and prevents new scale

Prolongs the life of Cooler Pads

Cooler Guard Saves Water

Easy to use, just place Cooler Guard in the sump

EPA Registered

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Cooler Guard

Evaporative Coolers

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Cooler Guard

Prolong the Life of Cooler Pads

Cooler Guard Saves Water and Money Too

Cooler Guard easily dissolves current scale and prevents new scale from forming. When water evaporates it leaves behind minerals. Over time these minerals buildup developing scale on cooler pads. Cooler Pads are also susceptible to other unpleasant accumulations. When cooler pads become coated with scale and gunk, it descreases effeciency making the unit work harder. Plus, it increases water usage.

What causes scale on Cooler Pads?

  • Minerals such as sodium, calcium, and others are found in all water
  • When water evaporates, minerals are left behind
  • The 'harder' the water the more minerals left behind
  • Mineral deposits continue to build over time

Cooler Guard dissolves existing scale and prevents new scale from forming, simply by placing it in the sump.


Cooler Guard

  • Water Activated
  • Non-dissolving polymer leaves no residue behind
  • Releases cleaning agents, dispersants, and descalers
  • Time-Release±, each Cooler Guard lasts 30 days
  • For units up to 4000 CFM
  • Dissolves the build-up that causes corrosion.
  • Cooler Guard prolongs the viable life of cooler pads

As the pump moves water, it also distributes the cleaning power of Cooler Guard.

Cooler Guard is a polymer core quat block that houses cleaners in its pores. When water comes in contact with Cooler Guard it releases cleaning agents, dispersants, and descalers into the sump water. The cleaners are then distributed throughout the pad. Cooler Guard does not dissovle and leaves behind no residue.

Evaporative Cooler Without Cooler Guard

The same Cooler after using Cooler Guard

Don't use an evaporative cooler without Cooler Guard. Cooler Guard saves effort, pads, and water too.

Cooler Guard is a maintenance product thats safe and effective. It's good for all evaporative coolers

For use in:

  • Portable Evaporative Coolers
  • Cool Cell Coolers
  • Greenhouses
  • Animal barns; poultry and pig farms
  • All evaporative coolers
  • Each Cooler Guard

    • Lasts for 30 days
    • Prolongs the life of pads
    • Maintains unit efficiency
    • Saves water

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    Cooler Guard Technical Data

    Cooler Guard offers superior performance by design. It is effective at dissolving current scale and other buildup as well as guarding against future scale deposits. It's emits time-release± cleaner, descaler, and dispersants into the sump water, which is then circulated by the units' pump.

    The blue knit enclosure allows water to pass through.

    Non-dissolving polymer core with:

    1. Superior cleaning agents
    2. Dispersants to break up and remove dirt
    3. Exclusive deep penetrating descaler
    4. Dissolves old deposits and keeps new ones from forming


    A blend of cleaning agents, dispersants, and descalers.

    Physical Characteristics

    1. Polymer block design releases ingredients into the water
    2. The pump to pushes them around the unit
    3. Cooler Guard retains a constant weight in water
    4. Water-permeable blue fabric enclosure helps keep the product intact and visible for easy removal
    5. Leaves no chemical residue behind
    6. Engineered for all sizes of coolers

    Air Stream

    The ingredients of Cooler Guard are not volatile and will not travel through the air stream.

    For all evaporative coolers, portable or stationary

    Never use a pressure washer or scrub pads

    The cool cell pads are just not able to withstand pressure. This is especially true when the unit is wet. The paper falls apart. Never use chlorine bleach or acid based cleaners. They will substantially reduce the life of the pads. Avoid using micro-biocides “splashed” into the system in huge dosages that dissipate rapidly. This leaves the system unprotected from one treatment to the next.

    Cooler Guard is your best choice for keeping pads clean without causing damage to the pad

    Cooler Guard helps with heat stress in farming. Click here to read an article about heat stress in poutry, written by our founder, Lynn Burkhart.