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Algae Guard Cleans Condensate Pans For You 

EPA Registered # 59682-1 

Algae Guard is a time-release± biocide effective against the growth of fungi, mildew, slime, algae, and odor causing bacteria*

Condensate water from evaporator coils is often mixed with dust, dander, and other debris, which end up in the drain pan. The collection pan is also a breeding ground for fungi, algae, and other unpleasant accumulations. Deposits and growth build up in the pan, and flow into the drain line, creating clogging, pooling, foul odors, and overflows that lead to costly repairs.

Algae Guard strips work continually to keep pans and drain lines clean.

  • Water activated: Algae Guard strips release a proprietary biocide formulation in the presence of water.
  • Continual Cleaning Action: Algae Guard strips keep pans clean and prevent buildup.
  • Stops unexpected overflows: Algae Guard prevents clogging.
  • Non-dissolving: Our quat strip remains the same size and leaves no residue.
  • Long lasting: Each strip lasts 3 or 6 months, dependent on size.
  • Eliminates odors: Algae Guard prevents buildup that causes odors.
  • Inhibits Corrosion: Our product prevents corrosion that destroys pans.
  • Non-volatile:: Algae Guard will not travel through the air stream.

Algae Guard is a non-dissolving quat block that houses cleaners in its pores.

When water contacts the Algae Guard strip, it releases those cleaners. It is a preventative solution that inhibits microbial growth, prevents buildup, eliminates odors, and keeps water flowing freely. Plus, Algae Guard helps slow the corrosive effects of harsh chemicals.

Algae Guard is easy to use

Simply place an Algae Guard quat strip in the pan, away from the drain opening, and leave it. That's it. Algae Guard does the work for you. When it is time to replace, remove the strip and place a new one in the pan.

Algae Guard is available in over a dozen tonnage-based sizes to accommodate almost any system. One Algae Guard strip lasts 3 to 6 months, dependent on the size.

Algae Guard in Drain Pan

For use in drain pans of:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Ice Machines
  • Overhead Air Units**
  • Coolers
  • Shoe Baths

Use it in any AC unit anywhere! Algae Guard can be used in refrigeration units and ice machines where placement does not allow drainage into food or food contact surfaces.

To purchase Algae Guard, Email us to be connected with a distributor.

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Algae Guard Technical Data


Algae Guard strips are a polymer core, covered by a knit enclosure. When it encounters water, the Algae Guard strip releases biocide that keeps pans clean. During periods when no water is present, the strip will retain its ingredients.

Algae Guard is sized specifically for tonnage.

  • “R” type will keep a pan clean for 3 month
  • “H” type will keep a pan clean for 6 months
  • “Commercial Sizes” will keeps pan clean for 3 months
  • Algae Guard

  • Stops microbial growth and keeps pans clean
  • Keeps drain lines open
  • Eliminates water overflows
  • C10 corrosion inhibitor: helps slow the corrosive effects of harsh condensate water.
  • Controls Odors
  • 32% biocide
  • 18% other ingredients: blending of wetting agents, surfactants, detergents, and corrosion inhibitor
  • Algae Guard strips are non-dissolving, and leaves no chemical residue in the pan.
  • The ingredients in Algae Guard are non-volatile and will not travel through the air stream.
  • Physical Characteristics

    The thin, long strip design of Algae Guard covers a greater portion of the surface area, aiding in the distribution of biocide to the entire pan. The design also makes it easy to fit in tight places. It remains the same size and weight in water, which keeps it from floating away. The bright knit enclosure keeps the polymer core intact and visible for easy removal.

    PDF References

    • Part #
    • AG4/1.50-R
      3 Months
    • AG6/1.50-R
      3 Months
    • AG8/1.50-R
      3 Months
    • AG12/1.50-R
      3 Months
    • AG4/.75-H
      6 Months
    • AG4/1.50-H
      6 Months
    • AG6/1.50-H
      6 Months
    • AG8/1.50-H
      6 Months
    • AG12/1.50-H
      6 Months
    • AG-N2
      3 Months
    • AG-N
      3 Months
    • AG-S
      3 Months
    • AG-D
      3 Months
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