Continual cleaning that adapts to facility needs.

Trench drain is a time-release± cleaning product, that can be used at any point of the trench or slot drain. Prevention is always the best practice. Trench Clean makes it easy and adaptable.

Trench Clean is a time-release± polymer block with cleaning agents in its pores.

When water comes into contact with the surface, Trench Clean activates its specialized cleaning agents, effectively maintaining drains. Trench Clean caters to the specific requirements of each drainage system. A polymer block, suspended by a high-quality knit fabric, is anchored in place by a durable silicone disc secured above the trench grate or slot drain.

  • Adaptable
  • Use where it's needed most
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans for up to 15 days
  • For trench and slot drains
  • Trench Clean allows for cleaning in high-impact areas. Install trench clean at any point of the drainage system for continuous cleaning that prevents buildup, pooling, clogging, and foul odors.

    Dirty trench and slot drains present significant risks for businesses involved in the processing or preparation of consumable goods. Moisture and a continual source of organic matter make drainage pipes a prime surface for biofilm formation. Biofilms with colonizing bacteria such as Legionnaires, e-coli, and salmonella can grow at an alarming rate of up to one inch per day. Buildup can lead to pooling, clogging, and cross-contamination, which exhausts company resources. Trench Clean continually releases cleaners in the presence of water, effectively preventing buildup and promoting a clean environment.

    Available in EPA Registered or Green Certified

    The design of Trench Clean allows it to be placed into the desired position and then secured from the top by a silicone disc. In narrow slot drains, Trench Clean can be slid in from the drain opening and then positioned at the source of water entry where it's needed most. Each Trench Clean lasts 15 days, making it the effective, time-efficient solution to keep trench and slot drains clean.

    For use in:

  • Poultry, fish, meat, and general food processing plants
  • Beverage processing plants
  • Shower Drains
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Public Spaces
  • Bathrooms
  • All trench and slot drains
  • Images of trench and slot drains

    Our EPA Registered Trench Clean:

  • Proprietary biocide formulation
  • Controls the Growth of Fungi, Mildew, Slime, Bacteria*, and Algae.
  • Most recent EPA certification in April, 2022
  • Emulsifies oils, soils, and sludge
  • No excessive foaming
  • Works continuously to clean trench drains
  • Keeps the trench free of food-waste residues that harbor harmful microbes
  • USDA-NSF certified green Trench Clean

  • Good for the environment and for trench health
  • A blend detergents, inhibitors, and stabilizers
  • Emulsifies oils, soils, and sludge
  • No excessive foaming
  • Works continuously to clean trench and slot drains
  • Keeps trench drains free of food-waste residues that harbor harmful microbes
  • Our time-release products maintain BOD5 requirements

    • Exclusive formula is the key to efficient use of cleaners
    • Correctly sized products
    • Cleaning polymer blocks specifically designed for trench usage
    • Steady continual release of cleaners prevents overloading wastewater treatment facilities

    Controlled Release Technologies Trench Clean has an acceptable discharge rate that more than beats our competitors.

    Trench Clean Technical Data

    • Only USDA compliant trench cleaner
    • National Science Foundation NSF International G5 rating since 2016
    • Certified ENVIROKLEEN “GREEN” by CHEMTEL since 2008
    • EPA Registered biocide rings #59682-1, most recent certification April, 2022
    • Won't cause Quat spikes in runoff

    Physical Characteristics

  • Flexible polymer quat block covered in a knit fabric
  • Maintains the same size and weight in water. Trench Clean will not shrink or dissolve
  • Secure fitment
  • Trench clean remains in the same place where's it's secured into position.
  • Easy to change, simply remove the old Trench Clean, and place a new one
  • How does Trench Clean work?

    Trench Clean is made with a non-dissolving polymer core that contains cleaning detergents in it's pores. When water flows into the trench and over the quat block, the pores are activated to release a small amount of cleaning detergents. Our water activated technology is a time-release± system that cleans drains each time water passes over the product. This continual trench cleaning action keeps the trench clean for 15 days. When it's time to replace, simply remove the old Trench Clean and place in a new one.

    Installing Trench Clean

    In Trench drains, open the grate in the desired location. Place the trench clean, pull the empty fabric through the grate, then secure it with the provided rubber grommet.

    In slot drains, place Trench clean into the drain at the opening nearest the desired location. Pull the extended fabric to the top of the slot, then slide it along the drain until it is in the desired location. Secure trench clean with the provided rubber grommet.

    Trench clean can be used in all Trench or slot drains, including those in:

  • Poultry, fish, meat, and general food processing plants
  • Beverage processing plants.
  • Shower Drains
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Public Spaces
  • Bathrooms
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    **This product is only effective against odors and discoloration due to staining only by bacteria and other microorganisms. This product is not effective against public health organisms that can cause diseases.