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Our Mission is to be the leading manufacturer of smart practical solutions for industry maintenance.

Since 1985 we have developed products based on science, common sense, longevity, and reliability. Discover how we help Industry, Foodplants, and Farmers with:


How We Help HVAC Controlled Release Technologies manufactures time-release drain pan cleaners that prevent buildup and clogs in HVAC drain lines. We have quality coil maintenance products. We also manufacture V570 and Pancrete; the permanent solution for HVAC drain pan resurfacing.
How We Help Livestock Heat stress takes its tole on livestock, decreasing weights, yeilds, and even worse. Controlled Release Technologies manufacturers time-release Cooler Guard to dissolve and prevent scale buildup on Cooler pads. With Cooler Guard pads last longer and evaporative coolers run more efficiently.
How We Help Food and Beverage Our sleek 6 inch Drain Ring fits neetly inside floor drains. When water passes over the ring it releases detergents to continuously keep the drain clean. They effectively prevent buildup, pooling, and clogs, and they maintain BOD5 raitings.
How We Help Service Controlled Release Technologies manufactures time-release treatments that keep dispenser drains, drip trays, and recirculation cases clean and free from buildup. Inquire about Dispenser Guard, specifically designed for beverage and beer dispensers.
How We Help Refrigeration Algae Guard water-treatments keep drain pans clean, prevent unpleasant odors, and they prevent buildup and clogging too. Just place them in the drain pan. They're EPA registered and safe for refridgeration so long as the strip or runoff condensate water does not contact food surfaces.