V570 Brush on Resurfacer

Defense for Vertical, Slanted, and Curved metals

EPA Registered

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Refurbish Drain Pans


Resurface vertical surfaces

Use along with Pancrete for complete resurfacing.

HVAC systems are harsh environments. Corrosion of heating, AC units, and evaporative coolers cost businesses millions of dollars every year through replacement costs and lost functionality.

Our Products can repair damaged units without the need for replacement

V570 our brush on resurfacer

  • Best Solution: V570 protects and refurbishes vertical, slanted, or curved surfaces.
  • V570, Stands up to rust and corrosion
  • V570 seals small pinholes up to 25 mils in diameter
  • Use V570 along with Pancrete for flat water collecting surfaces to fully restore the unit
  • 1 gallon covers 100 to 150 square feet

Donʼt take chances with costly investments. Seal your vertical surfaces with V570 and apply under Pancrete in areas where water collects, to fully defend HVAC units.

  • Protects your capital assets
  • Stops corrosion
  • Saves thousands on replacement costs - refurbishes at a fraction of the cost
  • Easy to clean surfaces that won’t trap dirt
  • Fills fine cracks and pinholes
  • Smooths rough surfaces
  • Prevents water damage
  • Eliminates leaks


V570 was designed along with Pancrete to fully restore drain pans

Our resurfacing system has been trusted for more than 20 years, and is still known as the best. Protect your invesment with the ultimate resurfacing products.

To purchase V570, Email us to be connected with a distributor.

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Technical Data


V570 is a brush on resurfacer. It has a thicker consistency than Pancrete, making it the quality option for vertical, slanted, or curved surfaces. V570 works to seal small pinholes and stop leaks. It creates an easy to clean surface, and also prevents corrosion from progressing, adding many usable years to the unit. V570 gives Pancrete a surface to adhere to, creating a strong bond, giving clients a fully restored fresh look that makes for repeat business and additional referrals.


Follow All Instructions Carefully

Any system to be coated must be shut down during the procedure.

Preperation: Prep everything first. V570 begins to set up in about 20 minutes and will become solid in the container within 30 minutes. Do not make the mistake of mixing the product and leaving it in the bucket to do other chores or surface preparation, as it will harden and become unusable.

Remove all dirt, crumbled cement and loose rust from the surface completely. A drill with a wire brush attachment and/or pressure sprayer can be used where practical.

If there is any grease, wash the surface with Clean Bond. Allow to dry. Blow the surface dry with compressed air if available.

Do not coat any screws, bolts, etc. that may need to be removed in the future that may be affected by the coating.

Estimated Usage: 1 gallon per 100 to 150 square feet.

Mixing: Stir Part B. Pour Part A into Part B. Part B is white, Part A is clear. Mix by transferring back and forth between containers 20 times so there are no clear streaks. Follow by 6-12 good mixing strokes with heavy paint stick. Mix full amount of each can only. Mixing of partial quantities is not recommended.

Applying: V570 is normally applied with a roller, although a brush may be used for areas difficult to reach. It may be applied to vertical, slanted, round or uneven surfaces. It also may be applied to the under side of pipes, ducts or other such surfaces.

Curing Time : Set up time is dependent upon temperature and will take 6 to 8 hours at 75 degrees F. Lower temperatures will result in longer set up times. However, it will set up in the can within 30 minutes of mixing so must be applied immediately once Part A and B are mixed.

For Drip Pans and Basins Coat sidewalls of drain pans. Also, apply across the bottom of drain pan as a backdrop to Pancrete to prevent rust stains and other imperfections from showing through slightly translucent Pancrete. Apply 1/4” Pancrete on top of the V570.